New Trance Songs 2014 List

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New Trance Songs 2014

If you are looking for the new trance songs 2014 list, then you have been come to right palace.New trance songs is usually played in club houses and discotheques. It originated in the 20th century. New trance songs 2014 is characterized by fast tempo and repetitious beats of the percussion. It has a hypnotic effect on the souls of listeners.New trance songs 2014 has its way of making you feel special and loved, it heals your wounds and lifts up your spirits. The adaptability of trance music is what makes it so special in our lives. Despite hundreds of songs released every year, a few remain our favorites. Nothing ever changes that. The list of new trance songs 2014 are a part of feel good music that have been with you forever. Let’s go through some of the popular new trance songs 2014 list that still are a part of our playlist no matter how old we get.

New Trance Songs 2014

New trance songs have always topped music charts and for good reason too. Let’s try and list some. And hopefully by the time we are done listing some of the new trance songs 2014, we’ll have you running for your CD players.

List of New Trance Songs 2014

If you have never been exposed to trance music, then these new trance songs 2014 mentioned in the list below is where you start. The list may seem a bit bias but definitely worth mentioning for the top 10 positions.

01-Mousy — Guille Placencia & George Privatti
02-Dambo (Original Mix) — Ramiro Lopez
03-Hale Bopp (Der Dritte Raum Ison Adaption) — Der Dritte Raum
04-System Block (Original Mix) — Wavkiller
05-That Sound (Original Mix) — Stefano Noferini, Markus Knight
06-Friday Night — Adrian Hour, Christian Fisher
07-Within Myself (Julian Jeweil Remix) — Christian Smith
08-Black Body Radiation (Dub) — Black Asteroid
09-Another Love (Zwette Edit) — Tom Odell
10-Adapted — Deh-Noizer
11-Crispy Bacon — Laurent Garnier
12-Prototype — Stephan Crown
13-Night Express (Original Mix) — Maguta
14-Ghettocoder — Pilo
15-Tshimakanga — Heavy-K
16-How To Make (Filterheadz Remix) — Raul Mezcolanza
17-More Than Friends (Extended Version) — Inna feat. Daddy Yankee
18-O.K. (Klinika Remix) — Energun
19-Caliente (Extended Version) — Jay Santos
20-3Talisman-Class Destroyer — Clouds

These were the most popular new trance songs 2014 list. Music makes no distinction between caste and creed, but brings the world together and binds tightly. Hope this list of new trance songs 2014 list will help you make a playlist that connects to straight to your soul.

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